Sunday, January 25, 2015

Best Price On Solar Panels - How To Get The Best Solar Panel Deals

To get the best price on solar panels you'll need to get a bit creative.

 It's amazing how much companies mark up the cost of fabricated solar panels. You can make your own panels for a fraction of the price. The materials used to make solar panels is inexpensive, especially when you know where to purchase them. Matter of fact you can make a 300 watt panel for under $100.

Here's the same process and materials I use for my panels.

 We're not talking about a cheap 300 watt panel, but one comparable to top of the line panels. You don't have to pay those manufacturers their high prices. To get the best price on solar panels you're going to have to make them yourself. There's just no other way to get the best price while controlling the quality.

 Have you ever looked on "Youtube" and seen how many videos there are on "how to make solar panels"? There's thousands, and there's a good reason. You already know that you can make superior panels for a fraction of the cost and stay clear of the mass produced inferior junk. When you choose the materials and how they are put together, you can control quality.

Solar panels are not hard to put together. A lot of those videos are great; however, I've yet to see one that details all the parts and lists the prices. Some videos even use cheap parts. Just because you want the best price on solar panels doesn't mean you should cut corners on materials.Cutting costs on materials is a sure fired way to let your solar system fail. High output cells and efficient inverters are worth their weight in gold, yet a lot of people skimp on these parts of their system. These parts of the system seem initially expensive, yet their intrinsic value is overlooked. Over time they convert energy better and pay for themselves quicker.
You only have so many hours per day of good sun light, you'd better make the best of it.

Here's a guide we've worked on to lessen your energy uses.

Solar Panels Wholesale – How to Beat Made In China Prices

When it comes to finding cheap solar panels at wholesale prices, it's going to be difficult to find inexpensive solar panels that aren't made in China; however, you can beat China at it's own game.

Let's get one thing clear, just because it's made in China doesn't mean it's inferior. Some top brands are manufactured in China. Did you know that “Apple” and “Dell” are made in China? Those companies products are made in China; however, they are subject to production standards. This is something that you're going to use to your advantage.

“Apple” and “Dell” have set standards as to which materials can be used and vigorous testing that has to be passed. The prices on their products also reflects these extra precautions. Don't expect to find cheap solar panels that adhere to production standards. It's just not going to happen. What you want to look for is top solar brands manufactured in China that have material and production standards. You'll want to save this information and use the material lists to produce your own panels for much less.

Unfortunately the race for, cheap and obtainable, solar power has flooded the market with inferior junk. It's become almost impossible for the average consumer to know what's inside those wholesale solar panels made in China. Inferior products saturate the market because of the demand for low prices. Lower prices mean cutting material cost and production inspections. The final production of the solar panels may appear like the top brands, but are definitely inferior. If you're looking for top brands on solar panels than you're going to have to pay the fee for production protocol, even if they are made in China, unless you fabricate the panels yourself.

If your application for your wholesale solar panels is temporary, than by all means buy cheap Chinese manufactured solar panels. Just remember that the old adage “ You get what you pay for. “. Don't expect quality at rock bottom prices. Don't expect those panels to last more than a season, or line up in series. Matter of fact, some of them will lack standard power connections and require the additional purchase of converter kits. It's the nature of the beast.

The only way to beat those low prices and still get great quality is to manufacture your solar panels yourself. Solar panels are made of inexpensive materials. The mark up on even wholesale is over 100%. Cutting the production cost is the most fiscal way to obtain solar power. When you make them yourself you're in control of production, testing and material choices. Even if you paid an electrician to wire your cells, you'd still pay less than wholesale. You can buy top notch cells and tabbing and still beat the pants off those wholesale prices. At the end of your DIY solar panel project you'd have superior panels that cost less than inferior wholesale panels. If you desire higher wattage for less, than you're going to have to manufacture the panels yourself.

You can still get quality solar components manufactured in China. Look for brands that have standards and buy the same components they manufacture with. This information is easy to obtain and will lessen your material costs. Buying those materials in bulk is also recommended. You don't have to completely avoid components made in China. Just be aware of what you're purchasing and for what purpose.